The Sky Valley and Caliente Springs Chapels are worshipping communities at their respective resorts. They differ from what we usually call a “church” in that they are comprised of believers from a variety of Christian denominational backgrounds.  We also welcome those who are seeking God or have no specific church affiliation.  There is no membership requirement to participate in any chapel activity.  The chapels seek to be relevant and supportive of all people in the community while being true to the message of God’s Word. 

The chapels are operated under the direction of Sky Valley Ministries which is an IRS registered 501c3 corporation.  The Sky Valley Ministries Board sets policy and contracts with individuals for chaplain and other ministry services.  Each of the chapels has an advisory committee which meets monthly during the resort season.  The committees are made up of representatives of the respective worshipping community and lead by the senior chaplain at each resort.

Chaplains differ from pastors in that the chaplains are here to meet the needs of residents, guests, and staff, regardless of the individual’s chosen faith group.  Chaplains provide for those of their own faith group, facilitate for others, but care for all.

It is the goal of the chapel staff to minister in a way that fosters a Christian atmosphere at each resort.

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